UFO Filmed By Family Over Lima Peru

This bizarre report was submitted to the Mutual UFO network, and basically details an impressive UFO sighting which was observed by four family members in Lima Peru.

Full Report Below With Video:

On Saturday April 18 (2020), an interesting case came to my attention. The same occurred on the Las Casuarinas urbanization in Surco, Lima, Peru.

The incident was recorded on video while a family was at home in the indicated district in Lima. Initially, a light was seen in the direction of what appears to be the Cerro San Francisco in Lima.

According to the main witness, with whom I had communication, this luminous object moved quickly, making a swift movement from top to bottom, moving away from the mentioned hill.

Subsequently, the object moves linearly and increases its brightness or luminosity at a certain moment when one of the witnesses records it directly.

According to the testimony provided, the object continued to move, finally getting lost in the distance, at an incredible speed, and at a very high speed.

Sighting data:

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2020

Time: approximately at sunset

Place: next, possibly to San Francisco hill in the Santiago de Surco district, Lima, Peru.

Number of witnesses: 4 family members


In response to the query made to the witness, she says that she cannot calculate how far or how high that object was. In addition, it reported not having perceived any noise caused by said object.

They say they were distracted while they were reunited with the family, and then they were surprised by the appearance of the object. He confesses that he first saw the light appear that after a few moments rose towards the sky to immediately descend (at high speed, as if falling).

At the moment the object descends, they say they have not recorded the event, they only managed to be astonished and shouted in surprise. Moments later they began to film the displacement of the object, which was already closer to its position.

The main witness says that she was very surprised and nervous about the encounter.

According to witnesses, the object seen in the previous video presented top-down movements at high speed. In addition, it shows an intense illumination, and finally it was lost in the Lima sky.

It can be seen that the object moves from the east (at the beginning of the recording), towards the west at the end of the video. It should be noted that it moves between both points at a very high speed.

MUFON Ref: 108165