Alien Spider? Mysterious Object Found On Mars

A possible alien lifeform, has been caught on the red planet, by the mars Curiosity rover.

The anomaly, which could be the fossilized remains of a Martian creature, was snapped by the rover as it surveyed the Martian surface.

As you can clearly see, the object has a defined circular inner core, which resembles a face, along with numerous tentacle like appendages, emanating from its body.

This could indicate, that the object is infact a Martian creature of some kind, accidentally photographed by the Curiosity rover, as it scaled the Martian rock face.

Many mars researchers have theorized, that the object is in fact a Martian spider or crab, and that NASA is indeed hiding the discovery of biological life on mars.

However, other researchers have suggested, that the object bears a striking resemblance, to an ancient Sun God Symbol.

Mars Raw Images Here