Jupiter Sized Sphere Caught Leaving The Sun?

I actually spotted this anomaly by accident while i was researching a cube artifact, and its an incredible find, the image below is an enhanced still from the raw data.

In the video report below, you can see a large ball shaped object break through the suns corona, it then proceeds to skim across the edge of corona before shooting off in the direction of the telescope into space, notice the absence of any tethers or tendrils attached to the mysterious object.

If any of these massive objects come near earth, we could all be in big trouble, maybe earth needs a good insurance policy, like a space force perhaps.

This sphere is huge, i have estimated it to be around the size of Jupiter, but many will say this is impossible, but is it really.

In 2012 a large spherical shaped object was filmed leaving the sun, and many conspiracy theorists claimed this was a giant planet sized space ship refueling, possibly sucking plasma, gas or electricity from the corona in order to power their massive space craft.

The boffins at NASA quickly claimed that this anomaly was a transitory cavity in the solar plasma field, known as a coronal prominence cavity, or polar crown cavity, often associated with Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), but many were still unconvinced at that explanation.

I personally believe that these type of anomalies are energy collectors, possibly sent from alternate dimensions or from civilizations located deep within the universe.

These advanced cultures obviously have immense energy needs, and harnessing gases or plasma from nearby stars is a logical solution.

Another theory i have is that the sun could be creating planets, and what we are witnessing in the clip is the birth of a new heavenly body, a planetoid manufactured by the sun and then blasted into space.

We can only speculate at what these cultures are and how they could create such impossible devices, impossible for us anyway, but if there are extraterrestrial civilizations out there, and the evidence suggest there is, then wouldn't it be logical to assume that they are more advanced than we are, possibly by thousands or perhaps even millions of years.

I have caught many anomalies around our Sun, but this one is one of my favorites, mainly because its inexplicable and in my opinion un-debunkable, there is no other explanation for it in my opinion.

Solar Raw Images Here

Polar Crown Cavity Observed By SDO/AIA


  1. Swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped inside a thermal pocket and reflecting the light off the planet Venus. The answer works for everything unusual.