Giant Human Skeleton Found In Thailand?

Interesting news report about a huge humanoid skeleton found in a cave in Khao Khanap Nam.Thailand.

What's interesting about this report, is that the news segment cites photographs from the recent artworks by Taiwan creators, featuring the skeletons of a giant human and a snake, which was showcased at the Thailand Biennale, in Krabi, however it fails to point that fact out...Why?

Taiwan artist Tu Wei-cheng smiles next to a plastic skeleton of a giant in a replica dig he created for the inaugural Thailand Biennale. (Pictured Below)

I would hardly think this was an error on there part, but it is possible that the artwork is not an artwork at all, but is in fact a genuine relic.

If this is true then a cover story was obviously contrived and that's how they came up with the art work piece, a cover to hide possibly one of the most significant discoveries in modern day history.

In the early 40's and 50's, the cover story for UFO sightings became swamp gas, weather balloons etc, and just after the Kennedy assassination, the CIA, coined the phrase conspiracy theorist, in a effort to ridicule anyone who questioned the official story.

With so many fake news stories clogging the internet, its getting harder to find the truth about anything, so I will look into this interesting story and hopefully find out whether it has any basis in fact or not, stay tuned.

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