Jellyfish UFO Caught Over Brasil?

Interesting footage of a possible jelly fish UFO which was caught over Sao Paulo, Brasil.

As you can see in the screen shot, the anomaly appears to have a dome shaped top with tentacles hanging below.

Many mysterious objects like this have been spotted before in countries all over the world, and UFO researchers have speculated that these anomalies are in-fact living creatures, but are they?

Its interesting to note, that there is a product called Jellyfish kites, i am not suggesting that this footage is a jellyfish kite, but i am theorizing that it could be, they look remarkably similar in design.

See comparison below:

With so many hoaxes and misidentified objects that constantly plague this genre, its important to do a little bit of research before confirming these anomaly's as bona fide UFOs, simple logic and a little common sense always prevails in the end.


  1. This thing was way high up there and huge in size.
    Not a kite in my opinion.
    Idk wat it was though.
    Cool site 🍻