Ancient Mayan Statue Found On Mars?

Interesting artifact which I found on Sol 735, and appears to show the remnant's of a badly eroded stone statue, which looks very similar in design to a Mayan Or Aztec statue.

Only a fraction of the possible statue remains however, but using the mirroring technique we can rebuild the object sufficiently to get a sense of what the artifact could have looked like. 

This technique is often used in scientific methods and although its not an exact science, it can yield amazing results.

I have gently enhanced the image to highlight hidden details but apart from that I have done nothing, and as you can see it does appear to resemble an ancient martian statue of some kind.

As you can see in the image comparison, the similarities between the Mayan design and the Martian one is very similar, could there have been a cosmic connection between these cultures or maybe some of our ancient cultures were born on Mars, who knows.

As a point of note by 950 CE the Mayan civilization had mysteriously collapsed and completely disappeared.

No one knows for sure how it happened or what happened to its people, but it is possible the Mayan race were off world visitors who settled on Earth from a dying planet like Mars and then simply moved somewhere else in the universe, its interesting to speculate.

Raw Image Here