About Me

I am an independent paranormal researcher whose videos and discoveries have been used by numerous news outlets all over the world.

Although I deal mostly with Mars anomalies I am also interested in UFOs and all things paranormal.

I am a single mother who works in graphic design and my mars artwork and discoveries have been showcased in numerous TV programs, and countless european news websites.

I also run the very popular Paranormal Crucible youtube channel where I create videos about Mars, UFOs and the Bizarre.

Since I started my Youtube channel my Mars reports have become a huge success with some of my discoveries getting millions of views. I get lots of emails from subscribers who enjoy my Mars renders and artwork, and my ability to bring mars alive.

I recently finished some enhancement work for a Japanese TV company, who asked me to enhance the alleged UFOs in the STS-75 footage, they were so pleased with the end results, that I will be getting further assignments.

Its important to note that some of my Mars reports require allot of work, especially ones with my art work included.

Sometimes I only need to enhance an image a little, other times more work is needed, like adding specific colors, rebuilding a poor quality artifact and doing it in such a way that it does not totally change what the object actually is, so some self control is needed, its easy to get carried away, and I have on some occasions.

I do not use photoshop, I paint using specialized software on my home computer, this enables me to produce high quality renders from the raw data, once the image is resized and processed, the enhancement and colorization work can begin.

One of my most famous mars render (Stunning Martian God) took two weeks to complete and cannot be fully appreciated in a video, such is the quality of the final render.

I mostly create my own art work in my free time, I enjoy painting nature scenes, abstract art and portraits, I also enjoy working with ink, pencil and spray paint.

As I have stated before, I am not a scientist, astronomer or anything special in that sense of the word, I just have a keen interest in anomalies and the paranormal, so all opinions expressed in my videos or blog posts are my own thoughts and opinions, I don't profess to be something I am not like some mars researchers do, sometimes i get it wrong and sometimes i get it right.

When i first started hunting for anomalies i provided all links and data to all of my discoveries, but now i only provide specific links to verified researchers, i do this because many of my discoveries have been stolen by other mars anomalies hunters and hoax channels on youtube who have a bigger platform than me, who then claim credit for my discoveries and some of them make allot of money stealing not just mine, but other peoples research.

If you need any data or links to any of my discoveries past or present then please use the email below.

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But if your short of cash then that's ok, a simple click of the subscribe button on my youtube channel or sharing my work on your social media sites will do.

May truth and light follow you always.

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