Possible Werewolf Spotted In Tongass National Forest?

A disturbing report from southeast alaska that could indicate a werewolf type creature is living in the Tongass National Forest.

The images were leaked by a park ranger and appear to show a terrifying creature with a possible wolfs body and a human looking face.

The ranger who does not want to be identified states:

"I have seen many strange things around here but this is truly shocking, to think this creature is roaming the forest is scary, it looks like its half man, half dog or wolf, never see anything like it. a few weeks back we came across a half eaten lynx, it was torn to shreds, we thought a bear had killed it, but it could have been this thing whatever it is."

He stated further: "Whatever this creature is it needs to be caught before it hurts or kills someone."

The shocking images were snapped by the parks trail camera, which are placed in certain areas of the forest to track animals and catch poachers and hunters etc.

Visitors and campers to the forest have also reported strange sightings of a dog like creature and hearing terrifying howls during the night, some have become so disturbed by the sounds that they have cut there vacation short and left the area.

The Tongass National Forest is the largest U.S. National Forest at 16.7 million acres. Most of its area is temperate rain forest and is remote enough to be home to many species of endangered and rare flora and fauna as well as an abundance of wild animals.