Massive Alien Outpost Found On Moon?

As I was looking through my NASA archives I came across this little beauty, it was photographed by the lunar orbiter and at first glance you would think its just a poor quality image of the moon, no big deal right, but as with everything released by NASA it always pays to take a closer look.

If we zoom in on the right side we can begin to see an anomaly on the luna surface, wonder what it could be?

When I first saw this I believed it was a craft of some kind, but with a little enhancement and correction of the image and its quite clearly a building, an alien facility perhaps.

This structure whatever it may be is huge, It measures some 12 miles in length, extraordinary I know but its true.

I would therefore doubt its a space vehicle, its more probable that its a lunar facility, possibly for a mining operation or perhaps an outpost for an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

As you can see below I have enhanced the image by adjusting the pixel ratio and applying a smoothing program to even out the blurring and adjusted the contrast and brightness. 

This is normal practice when dealing with poor quality images, other than that I have done nothing.

Don't forget also we are seeing the structure from above, a birds eye view, which not only gives you an idea of the objects scale but its geometry also.

Nature does not create anomalies like this, only intelligent design does, so whatever this is someone built it, but who?

The only plausible conclusion is aliens, here on earth we cannot even build affordable housing for people never mind a structure that sits on a moon 384,400 km away and is 12 miles in length, to think we built this or anything else in the solar system is laughable.

As usual the airbrushers at NASA believed they had thought of everything, they didn't account for me.😍

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