Cross Shaped Object Appears Next To The Sun

Another interesting object I found next to the sun, this time something that looks like a cross or maybe a craft with wings, however a ship with wings wouldn't have much use in the vacuum of space so I would speculate its probably an alien space station.

Over the years there have been many strange objects photographed near the sun and this is no exception, its obviously not a data glitch, once you accept the geometry of the object and its overall design its pretty obvious its something artificial.

It would be logical to assume that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would send probes out into the universe, either for exploration, data collection etc or in the search of other intelligent species.

After all we do the same, so in my opinion this object is a probe of sorts, the wings could be panels that collect sunlight or plasma radiation from the sun, stars have a seemingly endless energy reserve, so it makes sense. 

Object remained in a fixed position for several hours before disappearing.

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