Mile Long Mothership Found On Mars?

I had this object in my collection for a while and its always fascinated me as to what it could actually be, is it just a huge rock formation?

I have processed, colorized and rebuilt the object and in my opinion it is a craft of some kind, possibly tens of thousands of years old.

The object is too degraded to enhance totally so I have rebuilt it using the points of interest that are shown in the video below.

Its also over a mile long, so this must have been a mothership, either a Martian one or possibly an off planet alien species, but did it crash, or was it abandoned, theses questions will probably remain unanswered.

This is an amazing object, and the planet mars appears to have a plethora of ships, buildings and artifacts scattered allover its surface, this must indicate that life once existed on that remote planet, the evidence is overwhelming in my opinion.

Watch My Video Report Here

Mars Raw Images Here