Mysterious Carving Found On Mars

This strange object was photographed by the mast camera on the Curiosity Rover in 2013, i have had this anomaly in my collection for some time and many more besides, will be working my way through them and adding them to my Mars database.

This anomaly is quite odd, at a glance you would think this is just a rock in the distance, but if you zoom in close, its quite different.

As you can see in the close-up the object has a defined triangular shape cut deep into its surface, this cannot happen naturally and must be the result of intelligent design. Even without the enhancement i have done to the image, this object looks unatural.

Someone or something carved that shape into this object, its also difficult to ascertain whether this is a rock or some other material, NASA manipulate the colors on Mars and never really provide very high quality images, most of the time they are substandard, so researchers and scientists alike are left to speculate.

I have no idea what this object is or its purpose. but i do know for certain that its artificial in nature, anyone can see that, and to deny what your eyes are seeing is a betrayal of logic and common sense.

Raw Image Here