Strange Light Or Portal Appears Over Patagonia

This is really a bizarre phenomena that happened in Patagonia, which is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.

The stunning images and short video were captured on one of the peaks of Cerro Catedral , by one of the tourists who were having a skiing session.

Many who witnessed the event claimed it was a portal that appeared from nowhere and could be a door-way to a another dimension, but several meteorological experts who have viewed the images and video, have stated that it could be a halo effect , which is considered a meteorological optical phenomenon generally observed around the sun or moon.

The halo effect is generally seen in cold places such as Antarctica, Alaska or Greenland , but it can sometimes be seen in tropical countries, under certain weather conditions.

Photographer Gabriela Sanchez indicated that it could be a phenomenon  known as subelio, which is an optical phenomenon, generated by the reflection of the sun on a cloud of ice crystals observed from above. 

The subelium appears directly under the sun in the form of an oblong sphere or a luminous column.

Well whatever this bizarre thing is i have only one question, why didnt anyone walk into it, then we would know for sure what it was.