Incredible UFO Spotted Near Venus

An incredible tube like UFO has been photographed by a sky-watcher in Waujesha, Wisconsin.

The mysterious object was captured in one image as the witness was taking photographs of the planet Venus, and at first glance it appears to be just one object.

In the close up, we can make out two possible objects which appear to be joined together by a translucent tube which has a red object attached to it.

The report which was submitted to MUFON, makes no mention of equipment used, exposure settings etc so its difficult to ascertain if the object is a real UFO or an image artifact, or perhaps a bleeding pixel which could be the case, as the object was only caught in one image.

Huge objects like these have been photographed many times before in space, former NASA engineer Dr Norman Bergrun claims massive cigar shaped UFOs are operating within Saturns rings as well as other planets in our solar system including Jupiter and Uranus.

Bergrun wrote the 1986 book entitled Ringmakers of Saturn, the book highlights that there are massive alien ships around Saturn (which Bergrun dubs "ring makers"), including ones which have actually created some of the rings around the gas giant.

Bergrun claimed how these spaceships parked at Saturn’s rings are “living alien spaceships” and how they are using the gas giant’s rings as hiding spots as they are proliferating at a very rapid rate.

In fact, Bergrun claimed how these spaceships were proliferating at such fast rate that they could one day pose a threat to humanity.

Source MUFON (107599)