Ancient Humanoid Head Found On Mars?

I came across this artifact while going through my image files, i literally have hundreds of these anomalous objects and will get eventually get around to posting them on my website.

This one is from the Opportunity Rover archives and appears to show a stone humanoid head.

Even without enhancement you can see the object stands out in the overall image.

Due to the harsh environment on the surface of Mars the artifact's face has been severely damaged and is missing its nose, which is quite common on ancient statues found here on earth, but we can still see it has two eyes, a chin and the overall shape of the head is quite clearly humanoid.

As you can see in the image comparison the artifact is quite compelling, if this object was found on Earth it would be recognized as an ancient artifact of some kind, possibly from an ancient statue, but the same object found on Mars is the result of pareidolia, and is just a weird looking rock.

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Raw Image Here