Mind Blowing UFO Caught Next To The Sun?

I found this mind blowing object while searching the NASA observatory data, it also appears on two separate instruments in two different observatories, which indicates that its not a image artifact.

The object, which looks like a ship of some kind is huge, i have estimated its scale to be around the size of the planet Neptune.

So we agree that's big, but not impossible if you have an open mind, especially about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and all that entails.

As i mentioned previously, this object was spotted on two separate telescopes, this proves the object was there, if the anomaly was just a speck of dust or an image artifact then logically it would only appear on one instrument.

In this case it appeared on two different telescopes, object is the same size, same shape etc, just a slightly different location.

Im sure you would agree, that the chances of this just being a glitch in the data is unlikely, and what we are actually seeing, is some kind of alien ship.

This one of my best discoveries concerning solar anomolies, its mind blowing.

Solar Raw Images Here