Mysterious Laser Beams Fired From Saturn?

Interesting video which was recorded by youtuber Paula Gilley, which appears to show massive red beams emanating from Saturn.

The video which was recorded on the 11th september at 6:59pm clearly shows red beams of light, which look like laser beams being fired from the gas giant.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the solar system, and has a radius of about nine times that of Earth, so if these are lasers or energy beams, then they are gigantic.

Although little information is given in the video clip, the prolific uploader states in the commentary:

"I bumped up the contrast and saturation, i have seen many forms of pixels even square ones but i never have seen laser beam pixels, that's a new one."

If they were giant laser beams then its reasonable to assume someone or something was firing them, but by who and where were they headed.

The closest planet to Saturn is Jupiter, but again with so little information provided we cannot ascertain whether these beams were directed there or some other planet or maybe even into deep space.

Its also interesting that a former NASA engineer at the Ames Research Center claims aliens are active in our solar system, and that they are creating or mining the rings around planets like Saturn.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, who previously worked at NASA and Lockheed Martin stated in his book "Ringmakers Of Saturn" that massive extraterrestrial space ships are hiding in the rings of the gas giant.

Bergrun stated:

"Alien spacecraft are proliferating in our solar system and around these ringed planets."

He also claims that other huge alien space craft are monitoring many other planets in our solar system, and that they are slowly making there way to Earth.
So it is possible therefore, that these laser beams are actually emanating from these massive ships and not from Saturn itself, interesting stuff.

Watch The Full Video Below.

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  1. compression artifacts. Plus there is no matter to illuminate the "lasers" in space. Plus at that distance the speed of light would be discernible. DON'T LITTER! Watch PICK ASS 2!!!

  2. Nice video. I am posting this article on my fb-page Ufology 101.