Martianoid Skull Found On Mars?

During my years researching mars anomalies I have come across many strange artifacts and bizarre things, mars is a strange planet.

This artifact is no exception, and appears to be the remnants of an ancient skull, possibly from a Martian humanoid or an animal of some kind.

This elongated skull clearly has shape and form, it also has a clear eye socket and jaw line with teeth still attached, not many rocks have those attributes. The skull has sustained some damage which is expected considering the harsh enviroment on the red planet.

I have colorized the image to show the details and blurred the background slightly so you can see the artifact more clearly, and as you can see in the comparison, this is not a strange shaped rock. 

Below is an artists impression of what this Martianoid could possibly look like, of course this is all speculation as no one has seen a real living Martain before, but with a little imagination we can get a sense of what could have lived on the red planet many thousands of years ago.

This interesting artifact in my opinion is the skull of a Martian creature, but what creature it actually came from is anyone's guess, but its fun to speculate.

Raw Image Here