Computer Program Card Found On Mars?

This particular object is a strange one, not too sure what to make of it. When I first looked at it I thought it resembled a cell phone sim card, then a computer punch hole card.

I know its a stretch but you have to consider the object has eroded over time due to the harsh environment on Mars, so a little imagination and speculation is needed.

Having extensively researched mars anomalies for quite a few years now, its clear to me that all things are possible on the red planet, the only question is how these artifacts ended up there, are they a result of a past long dead civilization, or is something else going on there, we may never know.

Whatever this object is its not natural, you can quite clearly see that without any enhancement or colorization, it definitely looks out of place on the martian surface.

When you consider the shape of the object and the uniformity of the faded dots or markers that appear printed onto its surface, obviously in a designed manner, you can only come to the conclusion that the anomaly, whatever it may be, is manufactured and not the result of nature.

Raw Image Here