Alien Camera Or Phone Found On Mars?

I came across this object while browsing the Mars Perseverance images and it does appear to be artificial in nature. What could it be?

Even in the raw image close-up you can see a black object which appears to have a screen similar to a cell phone which is attached to a black pivoted tube with a triangular shaped stand.

The object appears to be embedded or has been placed in the crevice of a rock, it even appears to be casting a shadow.

I have highlighted the image below and blurred out the background so the artifact stands out more and it does appear unusual and definitely out of place.

These kind of quirky anomalies maintain my fascination with the red planet, and I guess some of these objects could be explained away by some scientific nerd at NASA with spectacles and spots.

But I dare to dream, and as long as there is a rover on Mars snapping pictures, I will continue searching for anything out of the ordinary on the red planet.