UFO Filmed By Pilot Over Medellín, Colombia

This encounter happened on the 12th May 2022 during a practice flight over Medellin, which is the capital of Colombia’s mountainous Antioquia province.

Jorge Arteaga who was flying  with an instructor at an altitude of approximately 12,000 feet when they encountered a bizarre object which flew past them at tremendous speed.

Shocked at what he had just witnessed, Jorge decided to try and find the object to ascertain what it actually was. After several minutes, he found the object again and managed to film the unknown craft hovering in the clouds, possibly observing his aircraft.

Jorge is convinced the object was not a balloon or drone. 

Its worth noting that in the stills of the footage, the object appears to be flying in a vertical fashion, with the belly of the craft facing forward, this is interesting because UFO whistle blower Bob Lazar has clearly stated in several interviews that ET craft have two different modes of travel, Delta and Omicron. 

The Omicron configuration is when the craft uses one of the emitters to essentially hover on and causes that local distortion with the other two (emitters) in front of it, causing it to move forward. 

That's how a craft is flown in an area of gravity, now when you want to leave a local area of gravity, say, to fly into space for example, you transition from Omicron to Delta.

In a lot of the UFO pictures you'll see these UFOs at ridiculous angles hanging in the middle of the air, and the reason for that is the transition between the two different flight modes. 

As the craft lifts off the ground, it has to fly in a gravity free environment, in space, with the belly forward, it doesn't fly like a flying saucer does in a science fiction movie. 

The emitters focus on one point, all 3 of them out in space and that's how the thing travels. So you're kind of going from a conventional mode of flight, lifting up in the air, raising the belly and then aiming that towards your target and then that's how you progress.

This manoeuvre was also observed during the Gimbal UFO encounter which was filmed in 2015 by a navy pilot.  

The Gimbal footage and two further encounters were made public due to the efforts of the New York Times and The Stars Academy, which was founded by Tom Delonge, the founder and lead vocalist for the bands Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves. 

Could it be the same object?

Check out the interview below where pilot Jorge Arteaga details the encounter in an exclusive interview with UFO researcher Jaime Maussan.