Possible Ancient Knife Or Tool Found On Mars

I found this while searching through my Mars Curiosity Rover archive, I was intending to add this anomaly to one of my collection videos a while ago, the image was snapped in 2015.

I literally have tens of thousands of images in my archive as I download everything from NASA, they have a habit of changing links to images or just deleting them, who knows why?

This particular anomaly is obviously not a rock or trick of light, once you see it in the image you are drawn to it, and if your anything like me, you wonder what it could be.

I have gently enhanced the raw image, I have to do this with some images because the quality from NASA is not that great and the colours have to be corrected.

Just by simply correcting the colour in the image you can see several objects that appear to be artificial in nature, this could be an exposed debris field from a crash or possible remnants from an ancient Martian civilization. 

This is speculation of course, but whatever they are, they are not naturally occurring, these anomalies have been fashioned by someone or something.

The main anomaly at the top of the raw image resembles a small knife or possibly a tool of some kind. In the close-up you can clearly see a bulbous metallic handle, a bolster, and a possible rusty blade or shaft.

Further down the image we can see two more objects of interest, a peculiar shaped object that resembles a wing nut, and a flat circular object, possibly a cog, if you look closely you just about make out the tooth profile at the base of the anomaly.

As with all the anomalies that are found on the red planet, a fair amount of speculation is needed, this is because the quality of the raw data is usually so poor. 

The Curiosity Rover Project cost around $2.5 billion to develop, yet most people on Earth have a better quality camera on there cell phone than the rover has.

Raw Image: Click Here