UFO Snapped Over Delaware County, Pennsylvania

A bizarre looking object has been photographed over Delaware County, in Pennsylvania.

The sighting which has been reported to MUFON has left the witness perplexed at what the object could have been.

He managed to snap several pictures of the unknown craft which he has shown to friends and his local airport, and some have suggested the object could be a drone or possibly an ultralight, but the witness remains convinced the object is a UFO of some kind.

Witness Statement:

I was in my back yard during the day and noticed something silver in the sky. I had a look but could not see it clearly from that distance, only to know for sure there was something silver flying high in the sky.

I got my camera and took several photos, which I tried to zoom in somewhat. I got a number of mostly clear pictures of the object, i think there were actually two going two different directions, but I could be wrong.

I was surprised when I saw the pictures up close after I took them, the shape of the object is like two long metal bars, with a smaller metal bar connecting the two in the middle. 

The surface is smooth, silver, and shiny. I have sent the pictures to a local small airport and asked for their opinion. They said they really did not know, but it might be an ultralight with pontoons.

Friends online have suggested it might be some variety of drone, i have searched online for pictures of ultralights and drones and don’t see anything like it.

There certainly does not appear to be a place for a pilot anywhere, this is a real object flying in the sky, but I have no idea what it is.

Source: MUFON