UFO Lands In Field In Oneida County, New York?

Bizarre video report that was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network which claims to show a UFO which allegedly landed in a field in New Hartford, which is a town in Oneida County, New York, United States.

According to the submitted report, which was brief, the witness was driving his car when he spotted the object in the field next to the road, he claims he was having problems getting his camera to work.

When he did get it finally recording, two openings appeared on the craft and he became fearful and fled the scene.

The short video does look interesting and there is definitely something their sitting in the field, the only question is what it actually is. As with most videos like this caution is advised, i for one always get suspicious of poor quality short video clips which lack any real detail.

You would think if the witness was certain this was a bona fide UFO he would have made a huge effort to get better footage, i mean, how often do you come across a UFO on the ground.