Mysterious Humanoid Bats Reported In China and Argentina

This is a very strange case, but not surprising in my point of view, of possible humanoid looking Bats which have been reported on news stations across China and Argentina.

Initial reports state that these creatures could be mutated hybrids, and could have been created by mixing the DNA of a bat and frog together to birth a mutant version, and they could have escaped from a secret laboratory somewhere in the area.

What is interesting in this case, is that the creatures can fly, swim in the water and crawl on land, and if that was not weird enough, they look humanoid too.

According to local media sources, government agencies have begun an extensive investigation into the incident and so far have quarantined several of the bizarre creatures.

Its pretty obvious to me that secret experiments concerning hybrids are taking place in installations allover the world, and we can only guess as to why, and more importantly what the ultimate goal is, but we are living in extraordinary times, and a scary one too.