Multiple UFOs Filmed Near The Moon?

This strange footage appears to show several mysterious objects passing over the surface of the Moon.

According to the uploader a friend of his who lives in Montral filmed the Moon through a telescope and accidentally caught the objects.

If the footage is fake then the creator has spent some time putting it together, if you look closely you can see the objects casting shadows on the moons surface.

If these objects are real then they are huge, several miles in length which could be classed as motherships, if they are, then it adds further proof that an advanced alien species are using the moon as a base.

Interestingly a US Air Force whistleblower claimed he saw huge alien structures on the dark side of moon.

Mr Karl Wolfe worked for the US Air Force Director of Intelligence at the Headquarters Tactical Air Command, Technical Group, in Langley Field, Virginia, which was the centre for data and pictures from the NASA Lunar Orbiter Project.

According to his testimony, provided to Dr. Steven Greer for the Sirius Disclosure Project, Wolfe viewed photographic evidence of a base on the backside of the moon while working as a precision electronics photograph technician at Langley Air Force Base.

Wolfe went public with these revelations in 2001 during Greer's release of the project at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.