Massive Sphere Parks Next To Sun

Yet another incredible object has been filmed next to the sun by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, this time a giant sphere.

As you can see in the gif below, a huge planet sized object flies into the frame before stopping and remains there for several minutes before departing to the right, it then parks again briefly at the edge of the frame before heading off into space.

These spherical shaped objects are spotted quite frequently around our sun and we can only speculate at what they are, but its my belief that these craft are giant alien space vehicles, which use nearby stars as fueling stations.

This object is huge in scale, i have calculated around the size of Neptune, and with something that huge, a massive and abundant power source would be needed, possibly a star.

I have discovered many objects like this either around our Sun or in some cases actually refueling, and as of yet no reasonable explanation at what these objects could really be has been released by NASA.

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Source Data Here