Pepsi UFO Spotted Near The Sun?

I actually found this weird solar anomaly last year, but never got around to producing a video report about it due to the shadow banning from Youtube and Facebook which basically killed my channel and audience, i have many more Solar and Mars anomalies pending, so stay tuned.

This bizarre object first appeared in mid 2018 and appears to be nestled or embedded in the top half of the sun, it remained there for some seven days and then appeared briefly at the base of the sun before disappearing completely.

Whats weird about this anomaly is that it resembles the logo for Pepsi Cola, now that is weird.

As you can see in the image comparison the object does resemble the logo of the popular soft drink, i don't think this anomaly is a glitch or a processing artifact, its too defined in my opinion.

Anomalies like these reinforce my belief that the Sun is actually used as a fueling station by advanced extraterrestrial space vehicles, it makes perfect sense as there is an abundance of stars in the known universe.

This object is massive in scale, around the size of Neptune, so a vehicle of that size would need a vast amount of fuel, most probably hydrogen to power its engines etc.

I hope that one day, the scientific community pressure NASA to start releasing what they know concerning these mysterious objects, and finally trust the people with the truth, but until then, we can only speculate at what they are, and to be honest, I'm tired of speculating, i want the truth.