Ancient Greek Head Found On Mars?

Very interesting object which was photographed by the Curiosity Rover back in 2014.

I believe this artifact could be the head from a much larger statue, which may be scattered across the martian surface, i have looked for remnants but which such poor quality images, its almost impossible to find anything discernible.

The object clearly has humanoid features, in the raw image below I have marked the points of interest, and as you can see, the artifact definitely has a face.

Its also clear that the object is made of stone, so it follows that it must have been carved by someone, but who.

The object is very similar in design to the ancient Greek statues we see here on earth, and many of these type of relics, including Greek, Roman and Egyptian artifacts, have been found by mars researchers in the past, including many by yours truly.

This is yet another excellent example that proves that mars did indeed have past life on it, and that civilization was very similar to our own.

If this is the case, then humans could have originated from mars itself many thousands of years ago, but why did they leave, questions, questions, questions.

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