Obama's Head Found On Mars?

A remarkable artifact has been found on the red planet, by the mars curiosity rover.

The artifact which appears to be a humanoid head, or possibly the head of a statue, was spotted by UFO researcher Scott Waring on the Mars Gigapan.

The artifact has defined humanoid features, a nose, two eyes and a chin are clearly visible, aswell as an ear and cropped hair.

What's bizarre about this relic, is that it bears an uncanny resemblance to president Barak Obama.

Many conspiracy theorists believe, that Obama is a direct descendant of the Egyptian king Akhenaten, could this theory be true.

Mars Raw Images Here


  1. Hey, I found this one! LOL, so cool. I'm glad others could see the face too. I didn't say it was Obama...someone else did, but love that people are appreciating the things I find. SCW

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