Strange Creature Spotted On Mars?

Here is yet another example of possible animal life on mars, and this time a large bulky creature which could have been caught in a different location on Mars, a discovery i reported on recently.

Even in the raw NASA file (pictured above) we can clearly make out a bizarre shape which appears to be standing at the foot of a rocky hill.

In this close up view below, we can clearly see that the creature has three visible legs and what appears to be white hoofs, we can also see a large head with a pronounced snout or nose and a defined mane.

This creature could be a mutant version of the muskoxen, and possibly has been photographed on mars before.

The first sighting of this creature was photographed by the mars Opportunity Rover in 2015, and appears to show a large bulky creature of some kind observing the martian landscape.

The creature is around the same size as the martian quadruped, and in the comparison below they look remarkably similar.

There are only two possibilities concerning these two compelling anomalies, either mars has an indigenous species of exotic creatures traversing its surface, or the images were not taken on the red planet, but right here on earth.

There are countless articles, images and videos concerning anomalous objects on the red planet, and to discount allot of these discoveries as nothing but rocks or pareidolia is ludicrous.

Its also frustrating for all researchers concerning these discoveries, that the majority of compelling artifacts are not thoroughly investigated by the NASA intelligentsia, or even the scientific community as a whole, this attitude is truly perplexing, and suspicious.

Possible Muskoxen Found On Mars?

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