Hybrid Hominoid Caught By Mars Spirit Rover

A possible hybrid hominoid has been found on the red planet, by the mars spirit rover.

The remarkable image, which was taken at the Gusev crater appears to show a gorilla or bear type creature knuckle walking across the martian surface.

Although the raw image is very poor quality and in black and white we can still clearly see that this anomaly is not a natural rock formation.

As you can see in the close up, we can see a clearly defined face and a large bulky body, possibly covered in thick fur.

We can even see a possible smaller critter just to the left of the creature, could this critter be a baby cub?

Check out my video report on this and decide for yourself if this anomaly is a living creature or just a case of pareidolia, i know which one i would choose.

Watch My Video Report Here

Mars Raw Images Here