Fossilized Alien Body Found On Mars?

This interesting image is from the Opportunity Rovers mission to Meridiani Planum.

The images were snapped by the microscopic imager and appears to show the fossilized remains of a Martian creature surrounded by the so-called iron blueberries, which are about the size of BB gun pellet. 

Scientists have also deduced that the Martian spherules are concretions that grew inside water-soaked deposits. Put simply, the blueberries cannot form without the presense of water coupled with organic life material, possibly plant life or animal.

NASA recently concluded that further analysis of the blueberry anomaly indicated that microorganisms were a crucial part of their formation, therefore the evidence indicates that water, and life, once existed on the red planet, if life existed then what kind was it?

We can conclude therefore that the size of the possible alien fossil is around 3-5 inches in length, taking into account we cannot see the full length of the two legs which appear to be fused into the rock, so the size of the alien fossil is approximate considering the size of the blueberry.

I have highlighted the possible alien by blurring the surrounding area around it, there are several points of interest in the image below which include an elongated head with an eye socket, an elongated mouth or beak, a neck, a partial upper body, two thin arms and two possible legs.

Although this is not an exact science especially concerning anomolies found on a planet 140 million miles from earth and with NASA supplying the public with poor quality images, we can still analyze the data NASA provides and theorize what these anomolies could be.

If mars did have oceans, lakes and rivers in the distant past, then its reasonable to assume that some sort of life existed there, but how far advanced that life was is open to debate.

Watch the interesting interview below with former NASA Scientist Richard Hoover who claims that someone from NASA may have destroyed evidence of past life on Mars.