Alien Photographed Near Pilcomayo River, Tarija, Bolivia

A bizarre image of a possible extraterrestrial being has been snapped on the banks of the Pilcomayo River, Tarija, Bolivia.

The photograph, which was snapped by an anonymous local man, appears to show an alien looking creature, possibly a grey, out for a stroll along the riverbank. 

Skeptics have claimed the image has been manipulated and this is just another hoax to garnish views or maybe encourage alien hunters to visit the area.

Ufologist, Javier Carlos Cordero, known for his expertise in extraterrestrial sightings and phenomena, shared his analysis of the bizarre photograph, he states:

"This image must undergo a thorough analysis to determine its authenticity, and whether it has been subjected to digital manipulation. Only then will we be able to discern whether we are dealing with genuine evidence or an edited product."

Uhmm, You dont say. 😍