UFOs Photographed Over General Carrera Lake?

Compelling report of multiple UFOs that were seen hovering over the surface of General Carrera Lake in Aysén, Chile.

According to the witness account, they observed the UFOs from a boat, the objects appeared to hover over the water, sometimes appearing and disappearing at will.

Another small object also appeared out of nowhere beside the other two, along with an orb of light that appeared to fly over the lake.

Ysaac Wichmann, who is a mountaineer with a good knowledge of the area stated that these objects have always been visible in the Aysén region, and particularly in unpopulated, and hard-to-reach locations.

A member of Wichmann's family who served in the Chilean navy, witnessed a similar phenomenon while approaching a small island in the Aysén region in a Navy ship.

Their mission was to work on a lighthouse to provide orientation and navigation assistance to those transiting in those waters.

Before they reached the lighthouse, they witnessed an spherical object, that rose vertically and slowly near the lighthouse, until it reached a certain altitude, after a short time, the object accelerated into the air and vanished from view.

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