Humanoid Thumb Found On Mars?

This particular artifact is bizarre to say the least, i know i say that concerning allot of discoveries on mars but this one is perplexing to say the least.

What we have here is a human looking appendage, namely a thumb, how strange is that.

Im not suggesting however that this artifact is a real human thumb, its more likely to be a broken piece from a statue which has been scattered around the martian landscape.

In the close up we can see that even without enhancement it does appear to have all the details that you would expect to see. We can see the thumb has a joint and a nail at the end.

These two points of interest alone are incredible to say the least, wind erosion does not create objects like this, look at how precise the nail is, its almost as if its been carved into the stone.

I have gently colorized and enhanced the image in an effort to see the details more clearly and in the processed image above, you can clearly see that this artifact is artificial in nature, its most certainly a remnant from a statue in my opinion, and obviously a humanoid looking statue

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